Movies and TV As a Part of Our Lives

Once upon a time people lived vicariously through movies and then a small square box made it possible to do it in the home, too. When television became available in the 1930’s, very few people had one. There were very few television broadcasting stations and programming was very limited. In the 1950’s, television became the center piece of most family living rooms. It was a major way to get products into the public eye. Commercials became important in the 1950’s when an entire program would be sponsored by one company.

Saturday night at the movies became a ritual in the early 1960’s. Full length movie features were shown with commercial breaks. For the first time, the family could watch a movie together in the comfort of their own home. Today there are channels that are devoted to running movies 24/7. There are also channels that offer first run movies for a small payment after the movie has its run in the theater. With the advent of large screen televisions and surround sound, a family can sit down with a bowl of microwave popcorn and a favorite drink and watch the latest movie released on DVD.

Being able to watch a full length movie in the comfort of your own home is great. There is no need to get a babysitter because even the youngest child can be present. Dinner and a movie can be as simple as delivery pizza in several choices to suit the entire family. Pause the movie for bathroom breaks. Finish the movie the next night. You are in charge of the schedule.

Whoever told the corporate movie executives that increasing movie ticket prices so that it is necessary for a family of four to take out a personal loan in order to take in a movie; he or she was terribly wrong. It should not cost over thirty-five dollars just for a movie and refreshments.

3D movies are new again. They were very popular back in the 1950’s and 60’s. Everyone wore those tacky little cardboard glasses and watched the screen as the characters seemed to pop out at the audience. The movies were totally out of focus if you did not use the glasses and people often had headaches when watching the movie with the glasses on. Today the 3D movie has been made popular again by the advent of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

These two new 3D movies were great on screen where things seemed to just jump out at you and you seemed to find yourself in the movie. When the movie was released on DVD, it was easy to watch in the comfort of the home. No tacky glasses were needed because the movie was in perfect viewing order in a non 3D format. Being able to enjoy either or both of these blockbuster movies in the comfort of your own home is great. Lower the lights, get the popcorn and other snacks and drinks ready and turn on the movie.

Understanding How 3D Television Technology Works

There is no doubt that you have probably become aware of the latest craze in modern electronics: 3D television. From the moment the public encountered 3D movies in the theaters, people have become interested in watching 3D movies in the comfort of their own homes. 3D technology is growing at a rapid pace. There are a variety of technologies used to enhance television and allow the viewed to watch in 3D. Some of these technologies are more costly than others, while others are easier to build. Before a manufacturer presents 3D television to the public, the company will have to consider these the pros and cons of each particular technology.

There are three primary ways of creating 3D televisions:

Lenticular viewing: This technology has been created by the well known company Philips. This form of technology gives people the opportunity to watch 3D without needing to wear 3D glasses. This may appeal to viewers who may not like the glasses and think they look silly. The lens in televisions that use lenticular viewing send a different image to each eye. The left eye will get an image that is different that the image that goes to the viewer’s right eye. A disadvantage to this form of 3D imaging is that these television sets have a limited viewing angle. Therefore, it is difficult for multiple viewers sitting in different spots to be able to see the movie in 3D.

Passive glass systems. Hyundai is currently devising a flat screen television that viewers can watch either 2D or 3D movies on. In order to watch the 3D images, it is necessary to wear the 3D glasses for this form of technology. In passive glass systems, the television screen displays two images which overlap. Due to the 3D glasses, each eye only views one image. The 3D effect developed using this method is great quality. These types of televisions are readily available for sale, even up to 40 inches.

Active glass systems. This form of technology works similarly to the way passive glass systems function. Rather than the 3D effect coming from the television, the effect mostly comes from the glasses. It’s necessary for the 3D glasses to be synchronized with the proper refresh rate on the television. Following this, the television alternates displays for the right and left eye. A specially devised shutter system in these glasses will ensure that only the right eye can see the images displayed for the right eye. Likewise, the same holds true for the left eye. As such, the refresh rate of the television is cut in half. Therefore, a minimum of 120Hz refresh rate is recommended in conjunction with active shutter glasses.

8 Tips For Television and Movie Set Interviews

The rules are a little different when you’re researching an article on the set of a television or movie production. You don’t have the luxuries afforded during pre-arranged telephone interviews or in-person interviews where you can sit down and leisurely talk over cups of coffee. When you’re lucky enough to visit a set for an interview, try these suggestions for staying out of trouble, making friends with the unit publicist, and getting a great story.

1. Immediately upon arrival, meet with the unit publicist or director of publicity. Ask for the production schedule, background information, bio sheets, and photographs of the people you’ll be interviewing. Find out if other people will be available for interviews and, if you’re also a photographer, what photo restrictions they may have on the set.

2. Don’t expect the publicist to arrange lengthy interviews with the “stars.” In general, celebrities work on tight schedules, are eager to get the work finished and fly back home to their families, prefer to talk to representatives from major publications, and don’t necessarily give better interviews than the lesser known actors or the people behind the scenes.

3. Use the publicist’s information for background, but get quotations from other sources. Interview privately, away from the publicist, crew members, and other journalists, if possible.

4. Bring a note pad and tape recorder. Relying solely on a tape recorder is dangerous while on a television or movie set. There are many distractions such as background noises, playbacks, and music. Interviews may consist entirely of whispers between takes.

5. Be flexible. Plan to have constant interruptions and hours of waiting between interviews. Be prepared to set up your interview at a moment’s notice at a desk, on the set, or sitting on the floor in a dark corner. Also be on the lookout for stories you didn’t plan.

6. Don’t be a fan or a friend to a celebrity (or semi-celebrity) — be a professional. Never ask for home phone numbers or addresses; go through the publicist. (However, if stars offer their personal cards, grab them fast before they change their minds.) Rather than provide a gushing endorsement of a star’s work, a simple statement of appreciation is much more appropriate. If you put him on a pedestal, you won’t be on equal footing throughout the interview.

7. Obey the basic production rules: Don’t enter or exit when a light is on over the door; don’t say a word when you hear “Quiet on the set!” and NEVER sit in a chair that has someone’s name or title written on it (especially “Director”).

8. Follow-up with a thank you note or telephone call to the publicist, and be sure to send a tear sheet (copy of the published article).

iPod a Mini-Movie Theater

Almost all iPod owners initially bought their iPods to listen to their favorite brand of music (certainly beats carrying around your old walkman cassette player plus tapes!) But with the full-size iPods and iPod Touch out in the market, there’s more to it than just listening to your favorite tunes – you can even watch the music video! Sweet…

Why stop there, though. While you’re at it, why not get the latest movies out on DVD and put those in your iPod. You can even put in your favorite shows you’ve saved on TiVo and play it whenever, wherever you want! Care for an instant movie, anyone?

You might be a bit skeptical on how the movie plays on the iPod, with such a tiny screen – but you will be pleasantly surprised. DVD quality movies display really well on the iPod. And with the iPod’s strength of superb audio playback, you’re movie experience is almost right out of the Cinemas.

Now, getting that movie or television show on your iPod is easy enough. All you need is the right software to convert your DVD or TiVo video file to MPEG4 (which is a compatible format for the iPod.) There is a bunch of such software ready to download off the Net, pick the best one and go! AVI and the like. Go to our home page to read user reviews on the software for converting DVDs to the iPod.

You will soon see that it’s just the coolest thing to be doing – whether you’re taking a long commute, hanging out in the park or waiting your turn at the DMV.

What You Should Know Prior to Downloading a Movie

Five Points to Remember Before You Download

In recent years, an ever growing number of people have taken to downloading movies from the Internet and World Wide Web. Perhaps you are a person who is interested in downloading movies from the Internet. If that is the case, there are a number of considerations that you do need to keep in mind before you begin the process of downloading movies off of the Net.

1. The first factor that you need to keep in mind when it comes to downloading movies from the Internet is to only obtain and download movies from established, reputable and reliable websites. Unfortunately, there are so many different viruses floating around in cyberspace today that you must be very careful about the websites that you elect to transact business with. This is particularly true if you are interested in downloading items from a websites, including movies. The last thing that you want to have happen is to infect your computer with a virus as a result of your desire to download movies. By sticking to the established, reputable and reliable websites that trade in downloading movies, you will lessen your chances of infecting your computer with a virus. However, there are occasions in which even the most reputable and well managed sites can be infiltrated with viruses.

2. Because even established and reliable sites can end up carrying viruses, before you begin the process of downloading movies from the Internet, you need to make certain that you have an updated and functional virus protection program. Some viruses can have an absolutely devastating effect in a person’s computer. Therefore, no matter how much you may want to download movies, you need to make absolutely certain that you have virus protection in place and in force.

3. If you are interested in downloading movies from the Internet, you need to make certain that you do not violate any applicable copyright laws. In recent years, copyright owners have become aggressive in defending their interests. There are many examples of lawsuits being filed against people who download movies and music from the Internet in violation of copyright laws. You need to keep in mind that if movies are downloaded in violation of the copyright laws, you are one of the law breakers. You can be prosecuted. And, has been mentioned, more and more copyright holders — those who have copyright interests in movies and music — are becoming far more aggressive and active in defending their copyright interests.

4. Before you download any movies, make certain that you understand all of the charges and fees that will be involved in the process. Some sites have what might be called “hidden charges” relating to the downloading of movies. Therefore, before you begin downloading movies from any particular websites, make certain that you read and review the proverbial small print to make certain that you understand perfectly what you will be charged for the privilege of downloading movies.

5. Before landing on a specific site to download movies, shop around. By shopping around, you will be able to find the best deals in cyberspace in regard to downloadable movies. There can be some very significant differences between what different sites charge consumers for the right to download movies. By shopping around, you will be able to get the best possible deal for access to downloadable movies.

6. Finally, take the time to consider what type of inventory a particular website has in regard to movies. Some websites have significant offerings when it comes to available movies while other websites have much small selections. In addition, some websites specialize in particular types of movies. By taking the time to consider a number of different websites, you will be able to target in on a website that offers the exact kinds of movies that you are seeking.

By following the pointers outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to finding the best possible service that will allow you access to the exact types of downloadable movies that best suit your tastes. And, you will be able to find these movies at a price that is well within your budget.

As Seen on TV: Upcoming Films Based on Television Shows

Recycling is sometimes a good thing, because when you’re finished using a product, you can extend its life cycle by creating something that looks slightly newer. It’s like buying one and getting a second free. By buffing up an old dresser and slapping a coat of paint on it, you’re giving it a new lease of life.

This line of thinking can also work with television shows. You take a popular and beloved television series and revamp it into a film. You bring in new actors, a new director, an updated story line, and a nostalgic audience hungry for a cinematic time machine that can transport it back to a simpler time, and you ostensibly have a recipe for a slam-dunk.

Sometimes you do: See “The Muppet Movie,” “The Fugitive” and “The Brady Bunch Movie.” At other times you don’t, as was the case with “The Avengers” and “Land of the Lost,” for example. More often than not, however, films born out of television shows do not fare well at the box office, because they often fail to meet the expectations of their target audience. Sometimes the studios overestimate the public’s interest in seeing a particular television property resurrected. Nevertheless, for every nine “Bewitched” films produced, there’s one “The Brady Bunch Movie,” and as long as Hollywood seems to believe that one out of ten isn’t so bad, television shows will continue to be remade into films for the foreseeable future. To underscore that point, following is a short list of upcoming movies that are based on television shows.

“Baywatch” (U.S. release date 2013, Paramount)

Even people who think that “Mitch Buchanan” is the name of an unknown sibling of a right-wing political commentator are familiar with the orange swimsuits and the images of toned, tanned bodies running in slow motion that defined this show. This television behemoth, starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, ran for 10 years from 1989 to 1999. It was a huge, international success. The film based on the series has been in development since 2004, but it is finally showing real signs of life. The television series was an unintentionally funny drama, and the movie is being billed as a comedy, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out with audiences. Several television dramas such as “Starsky & Hutch” and “21 Jump Street” have been remade as comedies, often with lackluster results. “Night at the Museum” writer Robert Ben Garant is rumored to be helming the production. Justin Timberlake’s name has been tossed about as a possible member of the cast, and The Hoff has assured his fans that he will be reprising his original TV role in the upcoming film.

“CHiPs” (U.S. release date 2013, Warner Brothers)

Ever since Officers Jon and Ponch-and then Officers Steve and Jon, then Officers Bobby and Ponch, and finally, Probie Officer Bruce and Ponch-rode off into the California Highway Patrol sunset for the last time, fans of the low-key but popular cop show have wondered aloud among themselves and on television forums if a theatrical version of the TV show detailing the daily workings of the California Highway Patrol would ever be made. Their prayers-or fears-have been answered. The TV series, which ran from 1977 to 1983 and turned its original stars, Larry “Jon” Wilcox and Erik “Ponch” Estrada, into instant pinup boys, was pretty tame compared to other cop shows, even those airing at that time. None of the officers ever really pulled their guns, and struggles with suspects were pretty mild. The film is slated for a summer release, which means that we can most certainly expect spectacular chase scenes and explosive car crashes. Wilmer Valderrama is slated to play the role of Ponch. Veteran television showrunners Mark Torgove and Paul Kaplan (George Lopez, “Just Shoot Me,” “Spin City”) will be writing the script.

“The Night Stalker” (U.S. release year 2014, Disney)

Darren McGavin played Carl Kolchak, a newspaper reporter who investigated crimes of a supernatural nature in this ABC television series Kolchak: The Night Stalker that ran from 1974 to 1975. The series gained a huge following in syndication, and Johnny Depp has purchased the rights to remake the series into a film. Mr. Depp will be playing the Kolchak role. “Shaun of the Dead” director Edgar Wright has been tapped to direct the film, and Grosse Pointe Blank screenwriter D.V. DeVincentis will be writing the screenplay. Depp has made a gazillion dollars successfully playing off-the-beaten track characters, so this film will probably end up being another hugely profitable paycheck for the talented jack-of-all-trades actor.

Online Movies Rental Services – A Source For Classic Television Programming

Many look towards online movies rental as their main source of new motion picture releases. There is, however, another benefit to subscribing to such a service. You can view hundreds of classic television programs you may have a fondness for or, perhaps, may have missed when they were first released.

What are the benefits of watching old television programs via movie download services? First and foremost, there are no commercials to deal with when you watch these programs via download. Obviously, this is not the case when sitting in front of the television for the cable presentation. In the past, commercials were unavoidable since many programs were only available via cable or syndicated television reruns. This is no longer the case today and you can now enjoy your favorite television programs without interruption.

Actually, you can also enjoy them in their original broadcast version. One of the most annoying problems with watching classic television shows when they are rerun on cable TV is the hack editing. Sadly, in order to squeeze more time in for commercials, cable television stations will edit out entire scenes of classic programs. As such, those viewing at home not only have to deal with the annoyance of the commercials, but also the fact they are viewing an incomplete presentation. Thankfully, with an online movie rental service, such a problem ceases to be a problem. You can enjoy the presentation of a classic television show complete and in its entirety. In some cases, there are TV programs that have not been viewed uncut since their original airdate. This makes the new release of these programs quite exciting to say the least.

So, really, you cannot go wrong procuring your classic television viewing from these many excellent download services. They truly are a treasure trove the old school TV fan will find quite enjoyable.

Final Tip: By researching and comparing the Best Online Movie Rentals [] available in the market you will get the best deal possible, hundreds even thousands of movie downloads at the cheapest price. Nonetheless, you are welcome to take advantage of the resources already listed in our website, we have done all the hard work for you.

Hulk Movies

After “The Incredible Hulk” television series was canceled in 1982, six years later three television movies, with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferringo reprising their original roles as Dr. David Banner and the Hulk respectively, were produced airing on NBC.

The first movie “The Incredible Hulk Returns” was presented in 1988. This movie was the first time that Marvel Universe characters appeared, as Kenneth Johnson, the writer, producer and director of the television show left out any references to the Marvel Universe during the show’s run from 1977 to 1982. In this movie, Banner meets with a former student that has obtained the hammer of Thor, a Viking warrior who has been prevented from entering into Valhalla, a place where soldiers slain in combat enter. The movie helped to set up a back-door pilot for a Thor-centric live-action series for television.

In 1989, “The Trial of the Incredible Hulk” was produced for television. In this film, again mixing in Marvel Universe characters, David Banner meets Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who is also the masked Daredevil. Together, Daredevil and Hulk fight the Kingpin of Crime, referred to by his name, Wilson Fisk. Like the first film, this was set up as a back-door pilot for a Daredevil-centric live-action series for television.

The last movie was filmed in 1990 and was titled “The Death of the Incredible Hulk.” In this film, David Banner becomes infatuated with an Eastern European spy and goes on to save kidnapped scientists. At the end of the film, Hulk fatally falls from an airplane, switching back to his human form before dying.

Though it looked as though Hulk died in the 1990 film, more movies were in the planning, including one titled, “Revenge of the Incredible Hulk.” However, this movie never came to fruition as Bill Bixby died in 1993 after losing a battle with cancer.

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The Movie Rentals Trade for a Changed World

In Netflix’s war with Blockbuster, Netflix appeared to be better in touch with today’s movie rentals business scene than the latter and fittingly, remained a strong market presence while Blockbuster had to file for bankruptcy protection. Netflix is already struggling with its next battle in the war for movie rentals supremacy, against competitors like Google, Amazon and Apple. Movie rentals are no longer just about sending DVDs out. They are about selling streaming movies, television shows and sporting action online. Netflix won its last battle because logistically, it had the upper hand in the sending and receiving of DVDs. Selling movies online won’t be about logistics, because everyone has the ability to easily stream high-bandwidth content. The winner of the next battle will be the company that can negotiate the best with Hollywood for the rights to the movies they wish to sell.

Of course, logistical barriers exist with streaming too. The winner in any battle for streaming market share will be the player that is accepted across the most devices. To be universally accepted, you have to have your service work with more than just computers and internet-enabled television sets. You have to get into every kind of set top box and gaming device out there. And Netflix has worked hard to be the one that does just that. You can now receive Netflix streams videos on 100 devices and more – XBoxes, Roku, Apple TV, you name it. The only problem is, Netflix hasn’t been able to convince Hollywood that allowing every one of its DVD titles to be streamed is a good idea. Right now, only about 20% of Netflix’s DVD catalog is available online. Netflix is actually losing this battle. There are movie rentals and TV show rentals available on other services like Amazon and Hulu Plus that are newer than what you can get on Netflix. They even have competition in YouTube now.

Apple TV on the other hand has its own wars to win. Movies are watchable today on cell phones, Blu-Ray disc players and a dizzying variety of other devices. The new $99 Apple TV device can stream movies from iTunes, Netflix and YouTube. TV episodes go for $.99, and new movies go for $4.99. They are just hoping that people will be encouraged by the ability Apple TV gives them to get all their stuff in one place just as they did with iTunes a decade ago. People are always complaining about how the cable companies force them to buy entire packages of channels just so that they can watch one or two that they like. Apple TVs episode-selling brings down the size of your commitment to the single episode. That has to be a winner for people who hate paying for stuff they don’t use.

Where to Find Free New Movies to Watch Online

This article will direct you to some ways you can find free new movies to watch online. There aren’t as many options as one would think, because most links to supposedly FREE online movies just leads to a page full of advertising and pop ups. I’m not against paying for movies online, personally, but I expect to get very good quality and there’s not many places out there that offer it.

Where to start?

Looking for free new movies to watch online is often full of disastrous attempts at “goggling” up some free movies… Instead of that mess, start with This is a great place to start to find movies streaming online. Streaming movies don’t require a download, so you can save yourself the worries of downloading viruses or other problematic computer software. Ovguide has a comprehensive listing and description of many of the sites that offer streaming movies, television shows, sporting events and other online video. They make it easy to search by title or genre.

Where else to look?

Another great resource for finding free new movies to watch for free online are movie forums. There are tons of online movie forums on the web, my personal favorite is Once in a while, the site is overwhelmed by traffic and can be hard to access, which is a common problem with free websites, so you may have to be patient. The forum is usually very up to date, so its another great place to start.

What format should you look for?

I say DivX is the best of the best. There are several divx sites that list only movies in divx format. You will have to download a DivX player to watch movies in this format, but you can find this easily and avoid downloading any viruses with it.

Any other recommendations?

Of course, free new movies to watch online would be great… but the problems you will run into will often cause a headache. You will often get choppy video, out of sync audio/video, and other problems along the way. The reason for these problems is because you are trying to watch the same content as thousands and thousands of other users and free websites don’t have the money to handle that kind of traffic to their websites. Sometimes, its best to just pay a one time fee for a service that has it all. In the long run, the trouble you save can be well worth it.