9, Oct 2022
The Old Versus The New: 90210 Tv Show

Ah, the nineties, Wynona Ryder, Beverly Hills 90210 TV show, Nirvana angst. These are very fun times for us who were brought up during the nineties. Have you ever noticed how many of out nineties icons are making comebacks? Look at new kids on the block. There are also those icons that have surprisingly stood the test of time. Look at Oasis for example. However, there are some icons that, when you see now, make you realize just have far we have all come. Imagine, during those times, they were the cool people, the cool icons, now, they are relics. You never thought that would happen back then. Now, you can see just how flawed and human all those icons you used to worship as gods really are. It?s like watching star wars again and noticing how slow the action really is.

And the very same thing goes on with the new Beverly Hills 90210 TV show. It is not a reboot. It is not a remake either. Despite how uncertain I am to what the heck it really is, one thing is for sure. It still goes on to show every one of us that sickeningly rich and pretty pampered teens suffer too (from so much drama apparently). The benchmark 90?s show has returned to the airwaves with basically the same story structure. Their casts of characters have the same identity types: the new comer family from out of town, the bad jocks, the bitches, and the goody two shoes. All taking place of course in the same famous zip code.

However, aside from the time warp and the new tricked out nineties inspired fashion sense of the cast, there is a new change that you would only spot if you reminisce and take a good look at the old cast of the show. That is, just how anorexic everyone looks in the new show.

The female cast of Shenea Grimes, AnneLynn McCord, among others is quite slim. None of them can be considered as slightly voluptuous at all. Think super model thin. However, if you compare them to the cast of Gossip Girl or The O.C. they would really stand out because they are just as thin (or even less thin when compared to Mishka Barton). But when you place the old cast and the new cast side by side, they definitely look so bulimic. Or maybe you could say that the old cast looks plump, which was not something you would have ever thought of them back in the day. All I can say is that this is again a sad sign of our times and the demands on women who need to starve in order to be called sexy.