9, Feb 2023
The Stones Discuss Filmmaking as Oliver’s Son Sean Makes His Directorial Debut

Call it nepotism or genius in the genes – father and son directors have included Ivan and Jason Reitman, Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez, John and Nick Cassavetes, Lawence Kasdan and sons Jake and Jon, Ridley and Jake Scott, David and Brandon Cronenberg, and Melvin and Mario Van Peebles. And then, in the minority, are Sofia Coppola and papa Francis Ford, and John and Angelica Houston. Sean Stone, 27, the son of Oliver “Savages” Stone, has now entered the arena. His directorial debut, a found-footage horror movie “Greystone Park,” about filmmakers trolling an abandoned Victorian mental institution, is now out on DVD and VOD. Dad Oliver joined his son to talk to Yahoo!

Thelma Adams: You’ve been collaborating since Sean was a baby in “Platoon.” He played the young Jim Morrison in “The Doors” and the young Jimmy Kovic in “Born on the Fourth of July.”

Sean Stone: It’s not collaboration as much as I was acting, doing a small part in my father’s movies. I wasn’t necessarily conscious, but it was part of my education. When I played Jim Morrison, I didn’t know who he was.

TA: But later, you made a behind-the-scenes documentary on your father’s set.

SS: With “Alexander,” I shot a behind-the-scenes documentary for the DVD when I was a 19-year-old student at Princeton.

Oliver Stone: When he was young, it was just a thing to do, to put your kid in your movies. “Salvador” was his first movie. I needed a baby to cry, and his mother was screaming at me. At that time, in 1980, I had smoke in the room, and she was an eco-conscious New Age type so there could be no smoke in the room. He ended up fine – and it was some of the better images of him as a baby. Then during “Alexander,” Sean participated behind the scenes. He edited an interesting documentary that still holds water to this day. He edited on “W.” That was a painful, difficult movie because nobody in American wanted to fund it. As for Sean, I went on to “Wall Street”…

SS: I worked for a year on his “Untold History of the United States” documentary series.

OS: Right. He was one of the editors. He was in and out for about a year.

TA: And, now that Sean has directed a feature, he’s getting some payback from you since you are in a scene of this movie.

SS: He gets the cameo this time. We had this dinner with Alexander [Wraith] where we are all talking. And [co-writer, co-star] Alexander began to tell us about this New Jersey mental hospital like the hotel in “The Shining.”

TA: And that dinner table conversation, with your dad contributing scary stories from when he was a camper, became part of the final film.

SS: Yes. Based on that dinner table conversation, Alexander and I went to the hospital. And, because, I was going to play myself, it felt natural to have cast my own father – and my father is a good storyteller.

TA: Did you feel like it was a challenge to take that found-footage film format and make it your own?

SS: You have to feel that you have something to tell. My father’s always been very good as a writer-director. He has a POV. I don’t want to do something as a hired gun. “Greystone Park” doesn’t look or feel like a typical found-footage film. It’s cut a bit more like “Natural Born Killers” than “Paranormal Activity.” Stylistically we wanted to mix it up and make it unique and separate from found-footage genre that is now completely saturated.

TA: Oliver, how did you prepare Sean for his role as director?

OS: I wasn’t thinking about him. On the set, I was just happy to have a family member with me, especially my oldest son. On the set, there’s so much going on, and he listened in on conversations. I remember he had the earpiece a few times just to get a sense of what was going on in these private consultations. There are a thousand eyes on a movie set. There’s no time to sit there and say “well, son.” You have to pay attention. I think it’s important that he goes his own way. It’s a difficult process and very few succeed. As for us, the nepotism stopped a few years ago. You can never make anybody else’s life. Sean has to cut it on his own. He gives me stuff to read, and I try to give him tough, true answers and not BS.

TA: And, Sean, what’s one of your favorite memories of being on set with your father?

SS: One of the funnier memories of being on set was on “Natural Born Killers” because I was playing the son of Rodney Dangerfield. Mallory [Juliette Lewis] is my sister, and my parents get murdered. I was nine years old. I wasn’t quite aware of all the implications of the dialog in the scene. I had no idea what I was talking about. We were joking that I should join Mickey [Woody Harrelson] and Mallory on their trip across country, their murderous rampage. My father liked the idea just to shock my mother since they were going through a divorce. It was a funny shoot.

TA: I’m sure your mother must have loved it!

9, Oct 2022
The Old Versus The New: 90210 Tv Show

Ah, the nineties, Wynona Ryder, Beverly Hills 90210 TV show, Nirvana angst. These are very fun times for us who were brought up during the nineties. Have you ever noticed how many of out nineties icons are making comebacks? Look at new kids on the block. There are also those icons that have surprisingly stood the test of time. Look at Oasis for example. However, there are some icons that, when you see now, make you realize just have far we have all come. Imagine, during those times, they were the cool people, the cool icons, now, they are relics. You never thought that would happen back then. Now, you can see just how flawed and human all those icons you used to worship as gods really are. It?s like watching star wars again and noticing how slow the action really is.

And the very same thing goes on with the new Beverly Hills 90210 TV show. It is not a reboot. It is not a remake either. Despite how uncertain I am to what the heck it really is, one thing is for sure. It still goes on to show every one of us that sickeningly rich and pretty pampered teens suffer too (from so much drama apparently). The benchmark 90?s show has returned to the airwaves with basically the same story structure. Their casts of characters have the same identity types: the new comer family from out of town, the bad jocks, the bitches, and the goody two shoes. All taking place of course in the same famous zip code.

However, aside from the time warp and the new tricked out nineties inspired fashion sense of the cast, there is a new change that you would only spot if you reminisce and take a good look at the old cast of the show. That is, just how anorexic everyone looks in the new show.

The female cast of Shenea Grimes, AnneLynn McCord, among others is quite slim. None of them can be considered as slightly voluptuous at all. Think super model thin. However, if you compare them to the cast of Gossip Girl or The O.C. they would really stand out because they are just as thin (or even less thin when compared to Mishka Barton). But when you place the old cast and the new cast side by side, they definitely look so bulimic. Or maybe you could say that the old cast looks plump, which was not something you would have ever thought of them back in the day. All I can say is that this is again a sad sign of our times and the demands on women who need to starve in order to be called sexy.

9, Apr 2022
Why Hollywood Celebrity News Fascinate Us So Much

If you carefully look around then you can be able to see that there are some kinds of news to which people show their maximum interest. The news that can create the interest among the people are most popular and the matter of the human interest. If you publish any kind of dull information, then it will be very hard to draw the attention of the people. It has been seen from various sources and for many years that people love to read the news about the sports and entertainment industry.

Almost all the people love to read the news about their favorite star. Though by celebrity we mean the person who is well known to the society and has some positive effect to the people. They are so influential that they can influence us in our day to day life. A celebrity can have different background. He or she can be a singer, movie star, politician, great player and many more. Whatever may be the case he or she should be a prominent personality of the society and should have the ability to influence others.

Perhaps, among all other celebrities the heroes and the heroines of film industry impact the people most. The common people really admire and some of the worship their favorite movie star like a God. If you carefully think then you can be able to understand that why do we go to watch a film. Actually, most of us live a very hectic life. We have a huge pressure of work in our office. Not only in office we also have the workload in our home. We have to make a proper balance between these two areas. We have to do all kinds of work to maintain all the activities properly. It is like a routine and we have to follow them. But, it is not that we really love to do all these things all the time. Sometimes, we are forced to do all these things. For this reason, we are looking for some kind of refreshment and entertainment. And what will be the best option except the movie.

The main reason behind the popularity of the movie is that you can be able to get the drama, emotion, tragedy and other elements that we get in the real life. Here, we see how the hero of the film fight against all the odds and gets success at the end. Sometimes, it gives us encouragement and motivation to work in our day to day to life. Not, only that we get fascinated to see the special effects used in the movie especially in the Hollywood movies.

In this way we get attached to a particular celebrity emotionally and for this reason, if we get any kind of hollywood celebrity news somewhere we like to see or read about the matter. Not only we are attracted to the positive news about the iconic star, we also love to read about the celebrity news and gossip to know more about them. So, it is very true that hollywood celebrity news really fascinates us and we love the news about the popular people.