9, Mar 2023
Professional Services For Big Screen TV Repair in Los Angeles

How many of you have experienced the terrible bounce back of your mood due to sudden breakdown of your television set? It is a number that is increasing with time. More people have today started complaining about the damages to their television sets, some complain about the blurred screen, few talk about improper sound or blotched screen, whereas many are actually clueless about the actual problem in their sets. No one can blame the companies or their products but yes, we can do one smart thing, i.e. hiring a professional to get our televisions repaired and similar jobs done. The best part is that today there are many TV repair service companies available in the market who are very professional at getting any types of television sets fixed and their problems resolved. Visit to find some similar help.

Why don’t you try online? Log on to the internet and search for some reliable repairing services. It is a medium that will open a plethora of choices for you in almost no time. These online available services have totally changed the scenario of the television repairing industry. No matter whether you are searching help for your Plasma TV Repair for Cracked Screen or any other Big Screen TV Repair in Los Angeles, you will get yourself served with good results online. Make one thing sure that the one you select for your help is a reliable and an expert TV repair service. Research wide and then shortlist few according to their services and prices that they charge. Also, you can take the advice of your relatives and friends, they can help you guide through in the best way.

Today is undoubtedly the trend of high-definition televisions and thus, people are more fond of putting their hands on DLPs i.e. the Digital Light Processing televisions and the LCDs, Liquid Crystal Display television sets. As far as the repairing of these newer technologies is concerned, it is not any difficult task today, the credit of which once again goes to the professional television repairing companies and their expert technicians. They are extremely knowledgeable about the new technologies, their parts and their workings as well. Hiring a professional repairing service for any damage or complaint about your television will help you ensure that if in case any part of your television has to be exchanged, it will be replaced by an original company product. This almost zeros the chances of fraud or any other trouble.

9, Dec 2022
Double Dhamaal Hindi Movie Review

Double Dhamaal, is the sequel to 2007’s comedy Dhamaal. With obvious comparisons in tow, Double Dhamaal manages to create just a stir and No Dhamaal, forget it being Double.

The movie is like a circus show, where various artists don different avatars, hit each other, fall down, make funny faces and do other amusing things with the sole aim to make you laugh. Sometimes they hit the Bull’s eye, sometimes they don’t. Similar is the case with Double Dhamaal, where various characters struggle to perk up the movie, succeed in some scenes but fail on the whole.

Director Indra Kumar, with wacky comedies like Ishq and Dil to his name, which were marked with some beautiful emotional and romantic moments, has tried to meet his fans’ sky-high hopes in Double Dhamaal with an ensemble star cast, foreign locales and some mad-cap and adult humour, which definitely makes you giggle but strictly in some parts. Unfortunately, the man ended up making another mindless comedy, which is not at all ‘hatke.’

What to say about the writers, must admit that they have done their homework well (read getting inspired by recent Bollywood comedies) as the movie exploits the sexual and adult humour to the core. So, be ready for some ‘balls’ and ‘marbles’ rolled at you and don’t get zapped if the names of characters sound like popular expletives!

Talking about the story-line, first half looks quite cliched and predictable, in the way Sanjay Dutt plans to fool the four boys and then they decide to take revenge. Post intermission, the plot begins to show some signs of twists in the tale but all that comes to the fore is usual jokes, typical funny situations and over the top scenes, which begin to irritate you after some time. However, the movie can boast of a few scenes that will definitely tickle your funny bone – gorilla scene, coat hanging scene and the spoofs on Guzaarish, Taare Zameen Par and Wanted, deserve a mention here.

Double Dhamaal begins where Dhamaal ends. The four friends of Dhamaal are back with Double Dhamaal – Roy (Riteish Deshmukh), Boman (Ashish Choudhary), Adi (Arshad Warsi) and Manav (Jaaved Jaafrey) are leading a life of paupers after donating all of their money to the orphanage. They meet the supah rich Kabir (Sanjay Dutt) and the two sexy ladies – Kia (Kangana) and Kamini (Mallika Sherawat) and that ignites their desire to lead a luxurious life. And soon, begins the mad race to become rich, richer and richest – a race that’s marked with silly ramblings, mistaken identities, disguises and lots of tamasha.

As far as characters are concerned, you can say only they are the saving grace. While, Sanjay Dutt delivers what’s expected – nothing more, nothing less, Arshad, is really asardar with his comic timing and dialogue delivery, Riteish once again takes the cake for his performance, specially for his outstanding mimicry. Aashish Choudhary is a revelation as sex-siren Barbara Horie and Do Do, though, he is just ‘ok’ as Boman. Jaaved Jaffrey will win your heart with his vulnerability, which creates some humorous moments. Mallika Sherawat is just a ‘show piece,’ a sexy one at that. We’re wondering if she was funnier as the Hiss-torical Naagin or Kamini? Even the controversial and ‘blink and you miss’ bikini act and the anticipated item number ‘Jalebi Bai’ couldn’t save her sinking character. Last but not the least, Kangana’s character could have explored a lot more. The girl definitely has some comic sense, which if exploited well can work wonders.

Music (un)wise the film doesn’t offer anything remarkable minus the ‘Chal Kudiye’ number by Mika, which might become a party-anthem for some days. ‘Jalebi Bai,’ which was being promoted as a competition to ‘Shelia’ and Munni, doesn’t even come close to them. Rest of the songs are forgettable, and you will for sure! Anand Raj Anand has been better in the past.

On the whole, Double Dhamaal is a movie for those, who are in no mood to handle ‘heavy duty’ stuff and are looking out for just any movie to kill three hours with some under the belt humour. A statutory warning from us – A BIG tub of pop corn is a must! After all you deserve a treat for sitting through the movie!

9, Jun 2022
Rebecca Wang at The 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Award season means that Hollywood’s biggest stars will be out on the town and gracing the red carpets at prestigious lunches, parties, and gala’s until the culmination of the season-ending award show, the 84th Annual Academy Awards. One of the hottest tickets in town is the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, held by Graydon Carter.

Rebecca Wang, a world-renown producer, headed for the star-struck event Sunday night for the second year in a row. She made her first appearance last year after producing the romantic thriller, Passion Play, a Toronto Film Festival Official Nominee. Passion Play features Academy Award Nominees Bill Murray (Lost in Translation) and Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler), also starring actress Megan Fox (Transformers).

The Vanity Fair Oscar Party has set the standard as the highest-quality Oscar Party in the city for years. This year’s venue will be the Sunset Tower Hotel, a location the party has become synonymous with over the last couple of years. Guests at this year’s exclusive event included Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, David & Victoria Beckham, Kate Beckinsale, Natalie Portman, Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas, Martin Scorsese, Emma Stone, Gerard Butler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofia Coppola, Sean Combs, Jennifer Lopez, and George Lucas. Leading up to the event was a weeklong series of social gatherings co-sponsored by Chrysler and L’Oreal Paris, called “Campaign Hollywood”, a tradition for the magazines event for the last 13 Oscar Parties.

Wang, who recently attended the BAFTA Awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) earlier this month, is an international film producer, humanitarian, philanthropist, and former psychotherapist. Based out of London, she is a firm fixture in the philanthropy community as Wang will also be attending the Elton John Aids Foundation Oscar Viewing party, where she will be honored as a benefactor for a second straight year as well.

A producer, entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and former psychotherapist, Rebecca Wang earned her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. Rebecca is a passionate benefactor of a variety of charities, including the Elton John Aids Foundation (EJAF), which she has supported for the past two years.